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“And the point of great writers like [Oscar] Wilde is that they make that invitation to you; they welcome you”. - Stephen Fry

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By Jen Prior

This post is for my own reassurance

He makes me so nervous. I just wish I could relax when he’s around. That’d make leaving so much simpler.

Proof that I’m awkward

Every text I send him a text, I analyze every little phrase and make sure it doesn’t sound too awkward or anything. Then I send it and immediately regret something about it. They’re just words, and he’s just a boy. I should really knock it off.

DIY Charm Bracelet


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WhatIWore: I recently cleaned out my piggy bank and realized I have quite the collection of coins that I’ve picked up around the world. Over the weekend, along with MAJOR help from my dad, I made a charm bracelet using these coins. Here’s how!

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I’m on Twitter.


I’m on Twitter.